Gear & Equipment

Travelling in conditions wherer avalanches are possible and always off-piste, the following equipment should be used:

Avalanche Transceiver

Avalanche Transceiver

Understand it’s functions, practice searching. In practice you should aim to locate your victim in under 3 minutes.


Avalanche Shovel

You need a good metal shovel, plastic shovels break and do not move debris efficiently.

Collapsible Probe

Collapsible Avalanche Probe

Can locate a victim accurately, leave the probe in place when the victim is felt. This reduces the possibility of missing the victim when digging them out.

Travelling in conditions where avalanches are possible is always hazardous. If you get avlanched and buried, or your friends get avalanched and buried, without the right equipment, the chances are you are probably going to die.

Your chances of survival will be far greater however if:

1. You do not get avalanched in the first place – know the snow. Think about safety in avalanche terrain.

2. Make sure everyone you are with has the right equipment and more importantly knows how to use it.

3. Carry this equipment.

Avalanche safety equipment is available from a number of off-line and online sources.