For snow users


The learning curve for snowboarders is really short – you could be cruising in powder just a couple of weeks from the first time you clip into your board. In this new environment of blissful powder, the margins between fantasy and reality are riding side by side. You need to know the snow when boarding in avalanche terrain.



Off-piste or free-ride skiing is a growing activity. Modern skis are enabling people to ski further from the pistes, opening up a completely new environment of powder and deep snow wilderness skiing – also a world of increased risk. You need to know about the snow if you are going into avalanche terrain.


On foot

Climbers, walkers and mountaineers who venture into the mountains are often on steep terrain in bad weather and need to be fully aware of the snow conditions. Culturally, avalanche transceivers are not worn. Maybe you should reconsider this if you are going into avalanche terrain – you may only get avalanched once!

Winter Walkers